Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here we go again

I returned to a job at my local yarn store a few weeks ago. One of the first things I did was to resurrect the "VOTE" sign I'd created for our primary in June. I'm happy to say the new locale for the VOTE sign is in a high traffic area and still it remains after 3 weeks. Not only not removed by persons unknown, but it has also survived heavy winds and rain. Thank goodness for acrylic!

Please vote. Lot's on the line and we need thoughtful citizens to arise to the call. Wednesday morning the sign will be gone to be pulled out again in another 2 years. Well, if it lasts that long! Being the afore-mentioned acrylic, my guess is the mice in the garage will turn up their cute little noses at it.

Think Peace and think charitably towards others as you cast your votes. Are you the bottom line, or is it your neighbor who might be a little less fortunate than you are?

A whole summer gone by, with some diversion to Artown, but not much other knitfiti action. In fact, Mr. Moose is GONE! I'll have to get the skinny on where he might live these days. Hope he's keeping himself warm....and the knitted claws under the "Beware of Bear" sign gets tweeked a lot which is really fun for me to see!

Knit 4 Peace, Vote 4 Reasonableness.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remains to be seen

There's a comment on our July post inquiring as to whether or not our Artown pieces were still up. The commenter is an out-of-towner who was visiting Our Fair City, saw our work, took some pictures and put one up on her blog. What a treat for us to stumble on it at Binding Off !

I hadn't been back to the park since OP & I spruced it up until yesterday. I was delighted to find that, although the light pole bomb was a bit worse for the wear (it was collapsed and starting to unravel) it was still up and as I approached I noticed a couple stroll by and the woman pointing out to her partner the knitted sleeve. This is what it looked like at that moment,

and then after I did my best to fix it back up.

Normally I would have had some yarn with me to make repairs, but alas, I'd left it at home.

The tree is also still decorated, with a feathery addition!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our town is Artown

In honor of Artown for the entire month of July, OP1 came up with a plan involving knitted panels and sewn-on i-cord, replicating the logo for Artown. The initial idea was to wrap a tree and write "art" on one side and "town" on the other, or to wrap 2 trees with "art" on one and "town" on the other. The plan evolved to use the logo instead (see the link to Artown in the sidebar).

OP & I found a rare parking spot near the park. A warm Friday afternoon and we looked over our options. I don't know about OP,(although I do suspect OP thinks along these lines too because he has come up with some wonderfully creative ideas, such as this one!) but I am always looking for a post or tree or fence or bench or statuary that needs a little je ne sais quoi.

And the winners are: pic #1, a tree by the fence above the river and across from outside seating for some cafe's. It is graced with 3 bombs (well, 2 bombs and a "plant" - a vine with peace leaves and mixed media as it also involves pine cones) - see pic #4 as well. [Click on any pic to enlarge and you can see greater detail.]

Pics #2 & #3 was a light pole in the center of the park, close to the amphitheater. We did this tag first, with people strolling all around and not one person challenging what we were up to. Hiding in plain sight the one question we got was, "Wow - did you knit that?"

We're really hoping all of these will last through Artown and beyond. If not, well, there's always Artown that comes our way in December!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Keep smiling!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Primary Day

Lots of upheaval in many states tomorrow, June 8th. I'm one of those people who will tell you that if you don't vote, you're civically irresponsible. Seriously.

So I created a tag and bombed alongside a busy street to remind everyone to exercise their civic duty.

And to all you voters out there - please vote for a candidate who will work for you towards a more peaceful world.

Knitting for Peace Always, and with Intention, thanks to wise words from OP -


Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day Hit

I got cozy with this telephone pole alongside the well-traveled bike and hike trail by my house. On my way back down from checking on the bench tag, I saw a bicyclist looking at it, they go too fast for the most part to notice.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Ugly, then not so ugly

Sheesh - almost a month since our last hit and that is much too long. Of course there are excuses - new pony, puppy who isn't up to par, weather up and down. I did my 4th solo today - the first being the first ever in January, covered rock, and then Trailer 6626. Funny, but the anonymity isn't so important to me now, but for a couple of members on the crew it's critical on some levels.

A neighbor was strolling by with his dog and I told him what I was up to. He and his wife had seen Mr Moose and loved the scarf.

So this afternoon I was taking pictures and I started ducking behind a bush because a car was going by, but then I thought, they really don't care and if they do they will be laughing (and they were!) A third car drove by after the plant and I got a grin and thumbs up. My heart and energy expanded and we'll see if anyone leaves a comment here. Luckily no one present to see my shimmy-ing to get these put in place!

Pony puts me completely in the present, and my pup connects me to my friends & family who understand what it is to have upset health-wise in my community.

Here we are, May 17th, and windy and cold. I put my containers of growing potatoes out yesterday, but brought the tomatoes back inside. They are such wimps. Gotta love a variety called "Boxcar Willie"! =0) Don't you think this looks better?

Peace to all,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

By Daylight

OP1, OP2 and SK1 shared a meal the other night. Sharing meals is becoming a definite and very pleasant theme with our crew!
SK1, being late for dinner decided not to turn back to retrieve her camera. Luckily, OP2 had his very capable phone camera and was able to capture OP1 & SK1 in their mission!

I went back today to take daylight pics - everything still up at the school and blowing in the breeze! We're hoping it brings a smile and perhaps gives pause.
As for Mr Moose. Well. He's holding up in the cold and wind that has suddenly come on. Notice the 1/2 Windsor knot! Points to remark on - entrance to a business - a stopping and looking interest - possibly a reason for someone to pull in and then purchase some wares. Or just look at and enjoy. Turn to a person unknown to you and remark upon the incongruity. Then laugh. Make a friend?

For heaven's sake, Knit 4 Peace!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome Back, Roy Gomm Gophers!

In an effort to create Gopher giggles and hopefully some wonder and inspiration, some blue and yellow cozies were installed to welcome back the Gophers from their Spring Break!
Remember to eat your veggies, study hard and Knit 4 Peace!
Go Gophers! :-D

Mr. Moose gets his style on!

Mr. Moose has been needing an update.
Mr. Moose now has his update.
Turning out in his new Spring threads, Mr. Moose is looking great in his knit tie with a peace symbol tie-tac and matching claw-footies. Ready for any situation and weather, Mr. Moose is on the out ladies!
WTG SK1, OP1 and OP2!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter morning hit

Me and my accomplice Sam hit this bench located on the top of the hill between Evans Creek (my backyard kind of) and Keystone Canyon. It was a lovely morning. Don't know how long my handspun and handdyed yarn will hold up on the bottom legs, but the red heart will probably survive longer than styrofome!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Dark and Windy Night

Last night SK2 & SK1 shared a meal, went to a lecture on campus, and did a little tagging. Continuing on SK2's lamp post cozy project, we nailed 3 in about 15 minutes. Of course when you're tagging something you want to be in-and-out pretty quickly, but we had a more urgent reason for speed: temps in the low 40's and winds howling so that the wind chill made it feel like the 20's or colder and we were ill-prepared (read: didn't bring arctic gear!) Even with folks milling about (actually, more like scurrying away to shelter) we got our business done and made for the car and heated seats!

Fingers are still intact and we're planning the next mission. Look for a bench, a moose, a school and a wedding.

K 4 Peace!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bodie went a Taggin'

SK1's daughter "tagged along" for the first time, along with DG2. While I tied the piece on, daughter took pictures while DG2 posed.

The Bodie Boy was a helpful in today's bombing of a post with a bear warning sign a scant 1/2 mile from my house that I thought needed some hi-lighting. Monster claws will be ever so helpful when it comes to alerting us all to the presence of bears.

Just ask Steven Colbert.

And remember, you can't outrun a Bodie (trust me on this!) If you click on any pic, it should enlarge for you and you can read the bear warning including the fact that you can't outrun a bear. What kills me (not literally) is that the bear face looks like a Grizzly. Not a one of these guys within many, many hundreds of miles. I think the signs should have happy black bear faces. And for the most part, our bears want your garbage, not you.

HOWEVER - if you see a mom and her cubs, probably a good idea to get out of their way. Throw a knitted piece at them and they will surely oblige and turn right around! Let me know if that's your experience.

Knit 4 Peace!

Another Post about a Piece Posted on a Post

Back from Wyoming, I decided it was time to get on with my lamppost project. This morning I added lamppost cozy no.5. There are 2 more post to go along that pathway, before I turn and head the other way down the hill. As I checked out the 2 posts, I was thrilled to find that the other mystery tagger has beat me to one of them! Most excellent!!
Knit4Peace! SK2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Outside the Prairie Rose

Downtown Laramie, Wyoming around 9am on a Wednesday morning. Year? It is hard to tell. This lamppost is just outside of the Prairie Rose, a tiny dive of a place that serves up totally authentic scrumptious down-home diner breakfast.

Knit4Peace! SK2

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carpe Noctum

As an operative for K4Ps this is my first attempt at a tag that I actually made myself! Yay SK1 - thanks for the lessons!
Installed in the dark of night on Sunday, it was a snap to bomb, but difficult to actually document while in action.
When I went back today I managed to catch my finger in the shot with my phone, so sorta an action shot...
Stay tuned for some fun things, hope all is peaceful in your world.
Keep knitting!

Trailer 6626

County work on my street today. Walking dogs this morning took me by 2 county workers preparing for their day. It was 10 a.m. They were chewing the fat and said good morning to me as I walked by listening to a podcast of RadioLab. A funny comment had just come up on the podcast and I was laughing as we strolled by them. Then I saw it: nice big county-owned trailer! I looked it over, and with the rust coming through the paint I could see it was another target - one that probably doesn't get washed often, and painted even less.

Every bomber should have a "Bombing Preparedness Kit". In mine were 2 of the hydra antenna cozies. I took out the hydra with the most arms, my camera, and 2 tie wraps and bided my time. Several hours after spotting the trailer I worked my way back down the street. Nice, curvy street. By now the workers were out of sight of the trailer and I bent to my mission.


A glorious day with many contrails to be seen in the clear blue sky. Ah - spring around here is so fickle! We'll be in the 70's this week - but more snow in the future until it (mostly!) quits in June. Daffodils are really going for it - crocuses have bloomed and passed but the snowdrops are hanging on. Mother Nature makes you earn your living in these parts.

Do everything in peace!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Moose Dressing

We've had our collective eyes on a moose. Not a lot of statuary in these here parts, but this guy is available. And oh so irresistible! We'll be dressing him head to toe, very, very soon.

First thoughts: leg wraps, antler cozies, and (ooooh - bad idea!) a lei.

A scarf is being worked on. And from the Yarn Bombing book I thought it might be awesome for him to have claws, rather than hooves. Think of them as slippers for a very large ruminant.

I am really happy that SK2's tags at the university have elicited a response. Sister crew? Rival gang? It's all good and amazingly vitalizing! Yay! We'll see what new road this takes us down.

I left a wee covered rock today. Moms and their children were walking by on their way home from elementary school. I was really trying to be obvious in picture taking. They weren't going for it. I find the social aspect of this so fascinating....

Our nice big peace sign is gone. Who knows who's got it. I'm so much more interested in getting comments from you people who have found our tags. What do you think? What the heck are WE thinking here? And what do YOU think we're thinking?

Look for Easter bombs to come...

In the meantime,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Campus Fun

My initial "silver and blue" tagging of a lamppost on campus led me to undertake a long-term project of tagging a new lamppost each week, slowly working my way down the hill. Last weekend I installed the 4th piece, and it is amazing how much more impact a repeated element has. I envisioned eventually making cozies for all the similar posts. I did a quick census attempt, only to find that the campus has hundreds of identical lampposts - they must have bought in bulk. OK, I am not quite THAT ambitious. This past week I have been absorbed by other tasks and I went to campus today empty-handed, without a new tag to install. To my utter delight, someone else has taken up the cause and installed a couple of nice knittags within spitting distance of mine! Could it be that yarn bombing is contagious? I certainly hope so!

So I invite you all to come tag campus (or a campus near you). Most universities value art and freedom of expression, so knittagging and higher education are a natural match. Let's see how colorful we can make the world!

Knit 4 Peace, SK2

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A cozy coverup...

In the urban world of graffiti, to tag over someone else's work can be considered an act of turf warfare. Personally, I would trade peace over fame any day! This morning, we had the perfect chance in Crissie Caughlin Park.

Done deal, and off for a bagel and a cup of joe to plan the next one.
Peace y'all,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One ball at a time

Another day, another tag. A small scale piece that was fun to create and makes me think of more specific ideas, like Easter eggs, Hot Air Balloon races, alien themes and Hallowe'en. Never mind Christmas! OP1 is knitting like mad, which, if you are also a knitter, you know is helpful during the down times when you're consumed with watching these winter Olympics.

With this tag we christened a new operative - I don't know yet if he also wants to learn to knit - I sure hope so! But he was so game to follow me out to a parking lot, hit an SUV and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get his hands in the pic as he was attaching the piece. Ah, well, We've been in "business" for a month or so and still have so much to learn.

DG1 is also game to go! He is all in for any activity and seemed to have a really fun time today. He's been an accomplice on 1 or 2 forays, and is an enormous distraction for the crew when need be.

SK2 has been very undercover with new plants of her own - enormously busy, but we'll get an update from her soon. She's so incredible with her creativity and ideas and you'll love seeing her project

Knit 4 Peace
Be kind