Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remains to be seen

There's a comment on our July post inquiring as to whether or not our Artown pieces were still up. The commenter is an out-of-towner who was visiting Our Fair City, saw our work, took some pictures and put one up on her blog. What a treat for us to stumble on it at Binding Off !

I hadn't been back to the park since OP & I spruced it up until yesterday. I was delighted to find that, although the light pole bomb was a bit worse for the wear (it was collapsed and starting to unravel) it was still up and as I approached I noticed a couple stroll by and the woman pointing out to her partner the knitted sleeve. This is what it looked like at that moment,

and then after I did my best to fix it back up.

Normally I would have had some yarn with me to make repairs, but alas, I'd left it at home.

The tree is also still decorated, with a feathery addition!

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