Monday, March 8, 2010

Moose Dressing

We've had our collective eyes on a moose. Not a lot of statuary in these here parts, but this guy is available. And oh so irresistible! We'll be dressing him head to toe, very, very soon.

First thoughts: leg wraps, antler cozies, and (ooooh - bad idea!) a lei.

A scarf is being worked on. And from the Yarn Bombing book I thought it might be awesome for him to have claws, rather than hooves. Think of them as slippers for a very large ruminant.

I am really happy that SK2's tags at the university have elicited a response. Sister crew? Rival gang? It's all good and amazingly vitalizing! Yay! We'll see what new road this takes us down.

I left a wee covered rock today. Moms and their children were walking by on their way home from elementary school. I was really trying to be obvious in picture taking. They weren't going for it. I find the social aspect of this so fascinating....

Our nice big peace sign is gone. Who knows who's got it. I'm so much more interested in getting comments from you people who have found our tags. What do you think? What the heck are WE thinking here? And what do YOU think we're thinking?

Look for Easter bombs to come...

In the meantime,

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