Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Winter's Saturday Afternoon

Yet again another long stretch without posts or bombing. This does not mean that I haven't been busy!

I was finally able to manifest not 1, but 2 knitting machines. They are old but work smoothly. Both are Toyota's, which is awesome because it will help me with the learning curve. And I can part out one machine to the other if need be.
I've been working on knitting wallpaper, or should I say, wallknitting!

Here's what I did a couple of months ago, finally figuring out how to knit with a worsted weight yarn on a standard machine, which really prefers a fingering/sport/dk weight. Not a needle broken, and only one bent so far.
Knitting i-cord is easy, but in the worsted weight not very satisfactory. So it will be done in the lighter weights from now on. And I plan on making MILES of it!

Tomorrow, the first of January, will be Bomb Day and the christening of a quiet little spot in a corner of the warehouse where I work. A sofa, rug, coffee table and lamp have been placed and have done much to cheer things up in a 15,000 square foot space. Meetings sometimes take place there, or a quiet lunch. It's a spot as far way from "regular" business as one can get.

My goal for the spot: "Beans Wall of Self-Expression"! I'm putting up the wallknitting, and welcoming acts of creativity to be added to it! Not sure I can get all of this material up and stapled into place before the start of work tomorrow (yes, these guys will be working on New Year's Day!) and if not, that's fine. I'll keep adding wallknitting alongside whatever my creative co-workers might add on their own. I can't wait to get this rolling (it's crept into my consciousness at 3:30 a.m. every morning for the last week, keeping me up, but also allowing me to refine my hit!)


In planning, I wasn't thinking this should necessarily be a "New Year's" deal, and I question why a winter's afternoon rolling over to a winter's morning makes any difference. But we seem to like these markers in our lives, so I'm going with it. And hoping I can hit-and-run before the peeps in my circle find me leaving the little surprise of a gift.

More tomorrow -
Hasty Bananas!
Peace On!