Sunday, March 7, 2010

Campus Fun

My initial "silver and blue" tagging of a lamppost on campus led me to undertake a long-term project of tagging a new lamppost each week, slowly working my way down the hill. Last weekend I installed the 4th piece, and it is amazing how much more impact a repeated element has. I envisioned eventually making cozies for all the similar posts. I did a quick census attempt, only to find that the campus has hundreds of identical lampposts - they must have bought in bulk. OK, I am not quite THAT ambitious. This past week I have been absorbed by other tasks and I went to campus today empty-handed, without a new tag to install. To my utter delight, someone else has taken up the cause and installed a couple of nice knittags within spitting distance of mine! Could it be that yarn bombing is contagious? I certainly hope so!

So I invite you all to come tag campus (or a campus near you). Most universities value art and freedom of expression, so knittagging and higher education are a natural match. Let's see how colorful we can make the world!

Knit 4 Peace, SK2

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