Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One ball at a time

Another day, another tag. A small scale piece that was fun to create and makes me think of more specific ideas, like Easter eggs, Hot Air Balloon races, alien themes and Hallowe'en. Never mind Christmas! OP1 is knitting like mad, which, if you are also a knitter, you know is helpful during the down times when you're consumed with watching these winter Olympics.

With this tag we christened a new operative - I don't know yet if he also wants to learn to knit - I sure hope so! But he was so game to follow me out to a parking lot, hit an SUV and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get his hands in the pic as he was attaching the piece. Ah, well, We've been in "business" for a month or so and still have so much to learn.

DG1 is also game to go! He is all in for any activity and seemed to have a really fun time today. He's been an accomplice on 1 or 2 forays, and is an enormous distraction for the crew when need be.

SK2 has been very undercover with new plants of her own - enormously busy, but we'll get an update from her soon. She's so incredible with her creativity and ideas and you'll love seeing her project

Knit 4 Peace
Be kind


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