Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here we go again

I returned to a job at my local yarn store a few weeks ago. One of the first things I did was to resurrect the "VOTE" sign I'd created for our primary in June. I'm happy to say the new locale for the VOTE sign is in a high traffic area and still it remains after 3 weeks. Not only not removed by persons unknown, but it has also survived heavy winds and rain. Thank goodness for acrylic!

Please vote. Lot's on the line and we need thoughtful citizens to arise to the call. Wednesday morning the sign will be gone to be pulled out again in another 2 years. Well, if it lasts that long! Being the afore-mentioned acrylic, my guess is the mice in the garage will turn up their cute little noses at it.

Think Peace and think charitably towards others as you cast your votes. Are you the bottom line, or is it your neighbor who might be a little less fortunate than you are?

A whole summer gone by, with some diversion to Artown, but not much other knitfiti action. In fact, Mr. Moose is GONE! I'll have to get the skinny on where he might live these days. Hope he's keeping himself warm....and the knitted claws under the "Beware of Bear" sign gets tweeked a lot which is really fun for me to see!

Knit 4 Peace, Vote 4 Reasonableness.


  1. I love your vote sign. I saw it a few weeks ago and photographed it today. Glad it survived the wind....

  2. So happy you noticed and took some photos! Will you be posting to a blog of your own? I used left over heavy duty wire from political signs from the 2008 election - so not only a smallish profile, but it kinda blends in with candidates' signs. I little surprise, perhaps, that not everything has to belong to one side or the other.