Monday, May 17, 2010

Ugly, then not so ugly

Sheesh - almost a month since our last hit and that is much too long. Of course there are excuses - new pony, puppy who isn't up to par, weather up and down. I did my 4th solo today - the first being the first ever in January, covered rock, and then Trailer 6626. Funny, but the anonymity isn't so important to me now, but for a couple of members on the crew it's critical on some levels.

A neighbor was strolling by with his dog and I told him what I was up to. He and his wife had seen Mr Moose and loved the scarf.

So this afternoon I was taking pictures and I started ducking behind a bush because a car was going by, but then I thought, they really don't care and if they do they will be laughing (and they were!) A third car drove by after the plant and I got a grin and thumbs up. My heart and energy expanded and we'll see if anyone leaves a comment here. Luckily no one present to see my shimmy-ing to get these put in place!

Pony puts me completely in the present, and my pup connects me to my friends & family who understand what it is to have upset health-wise in my community.

Here we are, May 17th, and windy and cold. I put my containers of growing potatoes out yesterday, but brought the tomatoes back inside. They are such wimps. Gotta love a variety called "Boxcar Willie"! =0) Don't you think this looks better?

Peace to all,

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  1. These look beautiful