Tuesday, April 20, 2010

By Daylight

OP1, OP2 and SK1 shared a meal the other night. Sharing meals is becoming a definite and very pleasant theme with our crew!
SK1, being late for dinner decided not to turn back to retrieve her camera. Luckily, OP2 had his very capable phone camera and was able to capture OP1 & SK1 in their mission!

I went back today to take daylight pics - everything still up at the school and blowing in the breeze! We're hoping it brings a smile and perhaps gives pause.
As for Mr Moose. Well. He's holding up in the cold and wind that has suddenly come on. Notice the 1/2 Windsor knot! Points to remark on - entrance to a business - a stopping and looking interest - possibly a reason for someone to pull in and then purchase some wares. Or just look at and enjoy. Turn to a person unknown to you and remark upon the incongruity. Then laugh. Make a friend?

For heaven's sake, Knit 4 Peace!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome Back, Roy Gomm Gophers!

In an effort to create Gopher giggles and hopefully some wonder and inspiration, some blue and yellow cozies were installed to welcome back the Gophers from their Spring Break!
Remember to eat your veggies, study hard and Knit 4 Peace!
Go Gophers! :-D

Mr. Moose gets his style on!

Mr. Moose has been needing an update.
Mr. Moose now has his update.
Turning out in his new Spring threads, Mr. Moose is looking great in his knit tie with a peace symbol tie-tac and matching claw-footies. Ready for any situation and weather, Mr. Moose is on the prowl.....watch out ladies!
WTG SK1, OP1 and OP2!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter morning hit

Me and my accomplice Sam hit this bench located on the top of the hill between Evans Creek (my backyard kind of) and Keystone Canyon. It was a lovely morning. Don't know how long my handspun and handdyed yarn will hold up on the bottom legs, but the red heart will probably survive longer than styrofome!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Dark and Windy Night

Last night SK2 & SK1 shared a meal, went to a lecture on campus, and did a little tagging. Continuing on SK2's lamp post cozy project, we nailed 3 in about 15 minutes. Of course when you're tagging something you want to be in-and-out pretty quickly, but we had a more urgent reason for speed: temps in the low 40's and winds howling so that the wind chill made it feel like the 20's or colder and we were ill-prepared (read: didn't bring arctic gear!) Even with folks milling about (actually, more like scurrying away to shelter) we got our business done and made for the car and heated seats!

Fingers are still intact and we're planning the next mission. Look for a bench, a moose, a school and a wedding.

K 4 Peace!