Monday, January 2, 2012

Let the CReaTiVIty Games Begin!

Surprise to me - I did actually manage to make my first hit of 2012 without witnesses!

I put it off until this morning - I was nervous that coming in too early on a Sunday morning would attract unwanted attention.

There is a learning curve to hanging wallknitting, albeit a short one. The knitting behaved in ways I didn't expect. It also behaved differently whether hung vertically or horizontally.

Perhaps not the prettiest of bombs (where else could one write a sentence like that!) but it's funky and a work in progress and I'm proud of it! There is plenty of yarn in my stash to continue. I'll be happy once the nasty acrylic is used up, but on the other hand, it's cheap to experiment with and easy to come by. Then on to delving into my oh-too-immense stash of natural fibers. So many odd balls that I can't bear to just toss out and which knit up much more nicely, even on the knitting machine.

So back to the knitting - I'll whip up a few more panels and add them now and then.

Hasty Bananas!!! And Happy New Year!