Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bodie went a Taggin'

SK1's daughter "tagged along" for the first time, along with DG2. While I tied the piece on, daughter took pictures while DG2 posed.

The Bodie Boy was a helpful in today's bombing of a post with a bear warning sign a scant 1/2 mile from my house that I thought needed some hi-lighting. Monster claws will be ever so helpful when it comes to alerting us all to the presence of bears.

Just ask Steven Colbert.

And remember, you can't outrun a Bodie (trust me on this!) If you click on any pic, it should enlarge for you and you can read the bear warning including the fact that you can't outrun a bear. What kills me (not literally) is that the bear face looks like a Grizzly. Not a one of these guys within many, many hundreds of miles. I think the signs should have happy black bear faces. And for the most part, our bears want your garbage, not you.

HOWEVER - if you see a mom and her cubs, probably a good idea to get out of their way. Throw a knitted piece at them and they will surely oblige and turn right around! Let me know if that's your experience.

Knit 4 Peace!


  1. P.S. DG2's very bear-like features perfectly qualified him to participate in this Bomb.
    SK1's offspring commenting on behalf of SK1

  2. DG2 is a natural. The bear sign is a perfect place for monster claws! - SK2