Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trailer 6626

County work on my street today. Walking dogs this morning took me by 2 county workers preparing for their day. It was 10 a.m. They were chewing the fat and said good morning to me as I walked by listening to a podcast of RadioLab. A funny comment had just come up on the podcast and I was laughing as we strolled by them. Then I saw it: nice big county-owned trailer! I looked it over, and with the rust coming through the paint I could see it was another target - one that probably doesn't get washed often, and painted even less.

Every bomber should have a "Bombing Preparedness Kit". In mine were 2 of the hydra antenna cozies. I took out the hydra with the most arms, my camera, and 2 tie wraps and bided my time. Several hours after spotting the trailer I worked my way back down the street. Nice, curvy street. By now the workers were out of sight of the trailer and I bent to my mission.


A glorious day with many contrails to be seen in the clear blue sky. Ah - spring around here is so fickle! We'll be in the 70's this week - but more snow in the future until it (mostly!) quits in June. Daffodils are really going for it - crocuses have bloomed and passed but the snowdrops are hanging on. Mother Nature makes you earn your living in these parts.

Do everything in peace!


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