Monday, February 1, 2010

Hola y Adios

Climbing the learning curve. The latest in car antenna tagging was a resounding success, in part because I chose a car whose owner I know, and he was FLATTERED to have gotten a hit. Plus a good story - he didn't notice the tag until his car had been safe in his closed garage, nor the card with our blog address tucked under his wiper until the next day. I knew he would have a pretty good idea of who hit him, and thought he'd love it. At the same time, I was terrified he would have felt an assault and still know who it was, and never speak to me again. Happy I was to hear from him and to see the cozy still on his antenna a couple of days later.

As it turns out, he and his partner plus business partner/great friend are heading for Mexico tomorrow. He's offered to place tags for us there, which is awesome! He promises to avoid state-owned vehicles, which is really, really smart! So "Hola Mexico!" We started organizing a little less than a month ago, and already will be tagging internationally! Cin cin! Little does he know that he and his cohorts will be asked to be our emissaries wherever they travel! Part of our newest crew, as soon as I get their permission. AND a relative and her friend in Napa are also willing to get online with this as of a few minutes ago. WOW! Makes me think of fractile math...

The rest of the story - the learning curve/adios part:

That great rock cozy (rocozie?) I left last week is gone. Adios! I'm not unhappy about it, just wondering who would completely remove it. Leaving something like this in a county-owned park that is maintained and free and clear of debris should have sent the message: We don't want what's not county property here. Same goes for the downtown museum of art.

So my next strategy is leaving rocks like these by the sides of roads and running paths where some debris exists so that we know that no one is really wanting to pick up trash and would probably leave our bombings alone, other than hopefully to make note of them and then view our site. And think how much prettier these places will be!

We're looking for established charities to link to which are somehow fiber-related. I'll be adding Heifer International, a group working in Haiti now and to which I've donated for years. A very worthy cause.


Let us know if you'd like to join us in knitting, tagging, or both, and why.


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  1. Yay! Glad I found you! I'm a knitter too and have been wanting to do this for many works in progress, so little time. :D

    I saw the one on the left out by our little canyon. I left it for the next 'victim' to enjoy.