Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Banner 4 Peace

I spent some time designing the new banner, then knitting it. Sk2 and I came up with the same idea for the banner - knitted Peace icon. Not hard to design - any girl worth her weight in salt and in high school in the early 70's drew dozens of Peace signs on her notebooks. The trick with knitting is that you have to take into account the width vs height of knitted stitches. I downloaded knitter's graph paper from, took the lid off a Quaker Oats canister and traced a circle onto the graph paper, then filled in every rectangle that had a line passing through it. Lined out the design the way I wanted it then transferred it to my silly knitting software that only has square graph paper because it's easier for me to see and follow. (It's beyond me why the software designer would only give you a true square in graphing...sheesh....) You can see how elongated the pattern becomes on paper, but truncates back again to get you as close as possible to a circle when knitted. All in the math, my friends.

I haven't tagged with the Peace sign yet - but in driving around town today I saw some good opportunities which will hopefully be played out tomorrow. I'm thinking of a park bench set back from the street but at a busy intersection. Or perhaps a bench at a bus stop. Or hung on some chain link fence along a busy street that has a sidewalk.

And I found a moose statue that cries out for a leg wrap! An antler wrap would be outstanding, but I'm not tall enough to reach that high. Got a couple of pieces that will fit a leg and sure to get attention.

There's some great tagging going on for Valentine's Day - see our links to blogs. Give us your comments.

Knit 4 Peace
Live for today
Help one another
Pursue inspiration


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