Thursday, February 18, 2010

What to wear?

Since you're reading this, you've come across one or more of our tags and you've asked yourself, "How do I get started, and what do I wear?"

SK2 found this link: for Peace Cuffs. A must have for every serious bomber!

I knit up a cuff yesterday, using leftover yarns from kits by my friend, Kathryn Alexander. I have dozens of colors to choose from, of course. If you've ever heard of Kathryn and seen her work, you will know that she throws tons of colors into her knitting. Into her entire life, actually. Makes me happy to work with all of this rainbow!

Using the Peace Cuff as a jumping off point, I came up with a chart for our crew.

Now to get more pieces knitted so that I can wear my cuffs with pride, and have them included with pictures of our tags. In that vein, OP1 will be getting his first knitting lesson tomorrow - yay! IMHO, another knitter on our planet is a good thing. Stay tuned for some creative maneuvers!

Knit 4 Peace

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