Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice to have a holiday...Again!

Nice that the government gives some of us these days off. MLK day, President's day. Those are the 2 we've enjoyed so far this year, and the days during which Sk2 & Sk1 have enjoyed tagging sprees on. What's coming up holiday-wise? I'm not sure since I'm not gainfully employed.

Sk2 & I have been gainfully employed at tagging on these occasions. It's been interesting - miserable weather on the one hand, or superb weather on the other. We haven't ventured into night-time tagging. It's so cool that you can go out in your community and actually do this stuff in broad daylight and no one stops you. In fact, Sk2 came across a co-worker as we were tagging far away from where she would have expected him to be, and he was very casual about what we were about.

It just adds layers upon layers.

Here's what we accomplished:

The picture above is on a park bench. The Peace sign is on a tree nearby. We especially love that the tree is along a main drag, and will be seen by so many people, including people walking, running and biking, so they can see our blog addy on the ribbon.

K 4 Peace
As always

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