Monday, February 8, 2010

Operation Mexico!

So our "operative", as he shall be known henceforth, did a bit of planting for us. Arriving back home from Cancun yesterday, I'm pretty surprised he had the time and energy to send us pictures and descriptions of his adventures. Me - I would've taken a week, or for those who know me well, perhaps a year, to complete the assignment. Mr. Operative - you ROCK!

I'm including his verbatim descriptions, plus pics:

"Right on the beach just north of our hotel. A home had been destroyed during hurricane Wilma in 2005. The pool is half gone and the property is protected
by barbed wire at the bottom of a steep dune. Since I am a klutz at heart, it was no small deed to come away with all my skin after climbing under barbed wire
wearing only my swimsuit."

tag 2
"This is the statue on Kukulcan. I had pre-sewn buttons on the two skinny tags for quicker installation, and I also was able to sew the K4P tag onto the end. I wrangled
about adding a button - I hope it was OK and not too far from the plan. My rationale is that some sweaters have buttons....... Yay for a hotel sewing kit." (And YAY - seeing this pic for the first time I was laughing and cheering! - SK1

tag 3
"This was on the light post by the shark. I wanted to follow your previous tags in style, but also have the tag look like it was in Cancun - I think we got that one here."

tag 4
"In the palm on a new growth frond. Really almost got caught. Had to scuttle out of the mall and scoot back to the hotel before the federales grabbed us."

Thanks, OP1 - you're the best and we look forward to more from you and your cohorts!


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