Friday, January 29, 2010

A Solo and a Collaboration!

Gotta say, these days that are not so illuminated are great for tagging, as we noted before. I prepared a stone cozy, went to the county Health District office, carrying my knitting bag, expecting a wait for the free H1N1 shot. Alas, no wait. Most people think no wait is like hitting the jackpot, I like to sit and knit and observe people.

They were observing me, apparently. Not only no wait, but I agreed to smile for the local paper's photographer while getting poked (no double entendre, please!) AND answer interview questions. The interviewee could not tell me who knit her clearly hand knit scarf, however. She acquired it at some function the paper had, and I know the knitter of another scarf she owns. I pulled out my latest piece and asked her if she'd ever heard of knitfiti. Nope. But perhaps there will be some media attention when our tags in this community are noticed. She was writing in shorthand, and I don't know if she took any details down in terms of the yarn bombing. Don't think so.....Interview question: what do you do? Answer: I knit. I heard a soft snort, but added, "I'm a professional knitter." Don't think they'd gotten THAT response before.

After my trip to the Health Dept, I swung around to a park and while driving down the road which parallels the bike/running path in the park, saw a guy doing pretty good time. I pulled into the parking lot, placed my rock tag, took pics, and was back in my car to see him run by - he had just checked his watch to see what his time/running pace was, then saw the tag and I grinned when I saw him notice this brightly colored, knitted covered piece.

On with the other drudgeries of my day. One of the banks we have accounts with is near a small shopping center. After banking, I swung in, tagged a sweet Volvo, left our card, took a picture and scooted off. I know the owner of the car, and collaborated with someone who could give me the All Clear! Cozy on, card under the wiper blade, drive-by photo shoot, and who needs aerobics when you can get your heart rate up by being a self-proclaimed law-abiding citizen who feels like she's breaking some law???
The antenna is on the rear of the car which is parked next to the car you see. The cozy is from my "hydra" series! =0)




  1. As the owner of the "sweet" Volvo, I was out of it and didn't notice the cozy on my antenna until the next day when I passed my car in the garage at home! I thought it was really cute and loved that someone did that for my car. The next day I found the card under the wiper blade and was pretty sure who holds the SK1 handle. I'm a fan!
    After reading the previous posts I want to know more.
    PS: I'm leaving for Mexico early Tuesday and if you would like an international tag (or tags) with photo while I'm away, come see me at work the next two days and I'd love to help! Keep knitting!!!

  2. Thanks for the offer! I'll take you up on it! YAY - not even a month into our venture and already we're going international. Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pics - they'll make an appearance here. Ole'!