Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting started

SK1's successful first tag inspired me to get going on mine. But first I needed to acquire some materials. Since most knitfiti is installed outside, the yarn of choice has to be eye-catching and stand up to the elements. Ignoring the yarn-snob beasty inside, I set out to buy (oh no!) acrylic. Not just acrylic, but the brightly colored inexpensive skeins of Red Heart worsted, that will no doubt survive intact long after mankind has vanished from the planet.

I slunk into WallyWorld, hoping to avoid running into anyone I know. I sidled up to the mountainous shelves brimming over with every bright cheerful color (and a few unfortunate colors) and quickly stuffed my reusable shopping bags full with an assortment of hefty bargain-priced skeins. Keeping my head down I managed to pay and duck out to the car without being recognized.

Not having the forethought to measure any targets for size, my first project is also an antenna cozy. Tomorrow I will seek out an appropriate vehicle. Meanwhile, knitting the oversized I-cord inspired me to knit a cozy around the power cord to my laptop. If you try this, you can knit the cord into the piece as you go by throwing the yarn around it each time you slide the stitches back to the right end of the needle. Be aware though that you may have to pause occasionally to recharge the computer. :-)

K4Ps (Knit for Peace)

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