Monday, January 11, 2010

Our First Tag

A gift can lead one down a number of choices of paths to take. My friend, SK2, gifted me the book, "Yarn Bombing", yesterday. I've been contemplating knit-ffiti for a while, loving the art, the subversity, the chance to make a small change in the status quo around me.

Tonight, after giving my first ever knitting lecture, the hostess told me, "Thank you so much! That was incredibly interesting!" During the lecture, a woman brought up the subject of knitting graffiti, and out of my pocket I pulled an antenna cozy I had knit this afternoon, for the express purpose of tagging someone after the lecture. "Someone will be tagged tonight," I said, mysteriously.
Hard these days to find an actual antenna on a car that is not retracted or imbedded in the windshield. But I managed.
With my first ever tag, I've broken my own rule about anonymity. That's going to be the tough one, but we'll persevere and make our marks on this part of our world.

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