Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously, this is too much fun!

As SK2's blog noted, we went downtown, mid-afternoon, weather a little lousy, and were able to tag with what we had in our bags to tag with. Does that sound confusing? (Does to me...)

A tag is the piece you're using to tag, or "plant". I think some re-definitions might be helpful, but for now, I'm not going to be the one to get into a conversation over what all this verbage equates to. So a noun and a verb. I tag, you tag, we tag. Ala Queen, "We will, we will TAG YOU!" You have been tagged. I have knitted many tags. The last tag I knit was so cool!

I'm adding pics I took of SK2 working her subversive magic. Plus other shots of my stuff. We thought having measurements of possible targets might be helpful. Of course that is true, but knitting can be really stretchy so I wasn't so concerned about size - I figured we'd find something that my tags might fit. And we did! You can use your hands to estimate sizes of things. My middle finger is 3" long. About 6" from the top of the longest finger to the bottom of the palm.

Surprise to SK2: SK1 (moi) is a confirmed rule-follower, for the most part. We had an opportunity to tag the antenna of a truck parked next to us - I couldn't do it! (For heaven's sake, it was the middle of the afternoon!) I've got my own ideas of when and how to place something on someone else's personal private property, aside from the private property (IS it private property?) of the city and a non-profit museum. That none of this is invasive or destructive is crucial to me and SK2.

Questions arise. What is street art? What is intrusion? Where is the line? Are we breaking a law? Or two? What the heck are we saying here?


Please comment!

We're adding to the crew - stay tuned!


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