Monday, January 17, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary...........awww......

SK2 and I headed out on a drizzly MLK day in January 2010 to drop our first joint bombs. We were so nervous! A very successful outing that kept us motivated and the creative juices flowing. In terms of K4Ps, it seems to me like it's been a long year. Perhaps because we lived our lives in between bombs and upon reflection I can read between posts what you cannot.

Technically, these were not the first bombs; they came after my initial tag of a visitor's car to my neighbor's house one evening and SK2's likewise tag to a van in the parking garage where she works. Don't forget SK2's incredibly creative Snakey Wire Cozy covering cables for her computer!

And then it was time to seriously test the waters and we haven't looked back. Ideas have come and gone, but we're still persevering when we have the time and energy and opportunities. OP1 came into the picture and added his voice to the chorus, not only here, but internationally! As well as KS4 who put the idea into my head of using not only yarn in the knitted pieces, but creating a bit of mixed media, an idea that OP1 brought along as well. I feel like a rechargeable battery when I'm with any of my partners in "art-crime"! And with experience I've gotten bolder, no longer looking over my shoulder to see if the knitting police were after me, but realizing that you can do things in broad daylight that might catch people's attention, but not their suspicions. Heartening in a world where suspicion and distrust can seem rampant.

I wasn't going to let today go by without acknowledging this anniversary. I'd had my eye on some drain pipes near my place of employment. Unlike MLK day last year, today dawned warm and sunny (if you consider 10 degrees over the freezing mark on the thermometer as warm, which I definitely did at 7 a.m.!) There are 2 other pipes which may or may not get "enhanced", but for now, getting this particular one up, which is so different from past tags, was my goal. A few quick pictures and still time to head to the bagel shop for a soy latte and "the works" bagel with cream cheese. YUM!

From my mother's and mother-in-law's gifts from years ago (two rather large boxes of buttons, pins, tie and ear clips) I found a combination that made for an interesting face. It makes me laugh, plus the ruffle on top forming a shaggy head of hair says, "Beaker" (as in the Muppets). Until the piece was done, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. That's always how my art is - I definitely don't have an emotional reaction until the piece is finished, and again when it's been planted, pictures taken, blog posted. Then I feel like running around like a 5 year old saying, "MOM! Watch THIS!"

Knit 4 peace!


  1. Awesome!
    Happy anniversary! Congrats on an awesome year of yarnbombing!

  2. Thanks, GL! I'm intrigued with your bolas! I encourage anyone reading this blog and comment to click to our Grandmother's Legacy link to see what she is up to! I've done some crochet in the past of geometrical algorithms - pretty fascinating - !

  3. that is so funny this is in front of Jimmy Beans! awesome!