Monday, November 5, 2012

Like clockwork

   I'm not talking about the end of daylight savings time. But just in passing....for my latitude and longitude, I would rather stay on DST all year 'round. When our kids were participating in sports after the public school day, the end of DST meant a huge reduction in after-school sports outside.

To the point, though, the clockwork I'm referring to is election day tomorrow. Raise your hand if you are sick, sick, sick of the ads, lies, rhetoric, and knocks on the door which get the dogs crazy. Things settled down here after we all voted early, contributing to the record early-voting numbers in my state and county. Nice that our personal information was disseminated to volunteers at lightening speed so they knew not to bug us any more. Does anyone else find this creepy? Even so, I put up a Post-It on my door saying "Everyone here has already voted =0)" and someone wrote on it saying, "Call me if you'd like to volunteer!"
   Our youngest daughter who is extremely social-  and environmentally-minded is one of those people who is working a phone bank and herding cats to bring to the forefront the importance of voting, with the focus on our planet and the consequences that ignoring the science of climate change (think Irene & Sandy, for instance, 2 "century" hurricane events that happened in 2 years) will have on our futures, and future generations. My current president believes in the science. The opposition does not. Without a healthy planet, we have no future.
   So the latest in knitting is the LCV ( - League of Conservation Voters) logo (a really cool logo!) It's in my yard, next to my Vote sign, which is making it's 3rd election cycle.
   I sure do hope that passersby will stop and make note of the tag which I place on all my tags - a ribbon with the link to this blog.
   Unfortunately, some neighbor took exception to my "Women for Obama" signs which were on the mailbox post. Or maybe they thought they needed them for their own yards. 

Vote with conscience. Think of the future. The money doesn't matter if we are killing the earth.

And treat everyone you meet with kindness, no matter what. That will get you a long way down the road.

As always, Knit For Peace!


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